How a design and build construction company helps your business

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6 stages of any design and build construction project and how it helps your business

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Hiring an experienced construction firm that partners with your company from the project’s initial concept and design phases through the completion of a building creates an atmosphere in which everyone is working toward the same goal.

The single source of responsibility fosters open communication that streamlines your project with shared expectations that saves time and money. The teamwork and vision for constructing a facility that is functional, aesthetically pleasing and built to the quality specifications clients demand generally fast-tracks occupancy. The completed building results in a happy owner and a proud contractor.

The Kalleward Group, a full-service construction management, general contracting and design and building firm, has been helping grow Southwest Michigan’s economy since 1963. We believe in an open and transparent relationship with clients and our practice learns about your goals and objectives and then turns them into reality.

We have a history of success on construction jobs for private business, public universities, community arts organizations and centers of worship, among others.

Here are some of the advantages of a design and build contractor:

• A guaranteed maximum price can be determined at the same time the scope of the project is established.
• Building process is fast tracked because work can begin before final interior designs are completed. We’ll lay the foundation while the final details are being buttoned up.
• High-cost change orders are eliminated.
• Architectural and engineering fees are known from the start.
• Contractor fees are minimized.
• Schedule and completion dates are known from the start because of the holistic approach.

Kalleward Group’s construction experts can lead you through the six stages of the professional design and build process. Our team will assist your company with the preliminary feasibility that will include market research, economic analysis, availability of financing and any environmental studies that need to be completed.

Phase two will move to facility and land needs, an overall site analysis and any applicable building, fire and zoning codes and ordinances. This is also the time to complete a traffic study and utility availability.

The schematic design and budgeting work follows with surveying the land, taking borings as well as studying and sketching the floor plan and elevation. We’ll also research ways to maximize your value and return on investment with reviews of the structure, foundation and mechanical and electrical plans.

In phase four, your team and Kalleward’s crew will complete technical specifications and any calculations that impact development. We’ll also confirm the construction budget and any contingency data for costs.

After all the legwork and preparation, the building starts in the fifth phase. Our crews will carefully execute all the plans and provide frequent updates on scheduling, budget and testing of critical resources.

Kalleward’s sixth phase is believing in and standing by our work by providing a guarantee that we will evaluate and repair any service problems. We’ll also be by your side for continuing consultation.

We’ve found in more than 50 years that your investment with Kalleward is a sound choice for the future of your business. We invite you to learn more and reach out to our clients to discover our track record of success.

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