4 factors to consider when hiring your construction team and an architect

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When you decide to construct a new building or take on a remodeling project, one of the most important steps can also be one of the hardest: Take your time and do it right.

While it’s natural to want the job done as quickly as possible, the old saying that haste makes waste can often prove true – and this waste will be your hard-earned money.

Business owners, educational institutions and leaders of public facilities will have to live with the ramifications of a rushed project for years if the design and construction does not meet the needs and standards desired. When the designers and contractors become partners in sharing the same vision, the teamwork among the two entities proves to be successful in achieving the owner’s desires. It’s wise to develop confidence, trust and a good relationship with the businesses tapped for the construction project.

There is checklist and a roadmap to follow when hiring your team. Here are what professionals recommend examining before signing any contracts:

Look at current and past projects

This should be a routine task, but sometimes, especially when soliciting bids, leaders can be swayed by the lowest overall price tag. The key questions should be: Can the construction team actually deliver what it promises? Some construction teams may not be able to handle a large scale project.

Talk to customers

Just like looking for a good restaurant or a new doctor, it helps to get first-hand reviews, but this is even more true when you’re making such a large investment. Find out how projects went. What did clients appreciate and what, if anything, did they find troublesome? Did the project come in on time and at budget? What would they do the same or differently?

Check workloads

Does the designer and/or construction team have the capacity to start and complete the job on time? The prospect of a new contract can lead even the most well-intentioned firms to overextend their resources and ability to focus on your project. Ask how the contractor or architect will meet critical deadlines.

Meet owners and talk to key employees

It’s imperative to know who you’re working with at all levels of the company. Who is leading the contractor, who will be your primary point of contact and how will concerns be addressed and resolved? Do you feel you can trust company representatives and sense that they are interested in doing the right thing?

At Kalleward Group, we have built a reputation by adhering to high standards and a guarantee that our team will do exactly as we have promised. We believe our track record of being Southwest Michigan’s premier commercial construction company shows in high-profile projects such as Western Michigan University’s Donald J. Seelye Athletic Facility and the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts building.

We are a full-service team and can work with your team for:

  • General Contracting
  • Construction Management
  • Design/Build
  • Owner’s Representative Services
  • Business Development

Call us to today to learn more about Kalleward Group.

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