Construction Manager Responsibilities

men discussing plansWhen you’re undertaking a commercial construction project, it’s vital to balance quality design features and staying within your budget. Our robust construction management service at the Kalleward Group puts a trusted partner on your side who helps you achieve this goal. Our construction managers ensure a smooth building process by providing valuable field experience. We help you avoid costly mistakes that delay project completion and skew your budget. We work hard to minimize any setbacks and have become a trusted choice in Kalamazoo and throughout southwest Michigan by taking our construction manager responsibilities seriously.

Construction Managers Versus General Contractors

We provide both construction management and general contractor services. While there’s some overlap in responsibilities, there are some differences between the two roles. One significant difference is a construction manager forms a collaborative partnership with the owner from the outset and participates in the pre-construction phase. However, when there’s a similar relationship between a general contractor and the owner, the contractor often takes on the role of construction manager and becomes involved in the project from the beginning, acting as an advisor.

Typically, a general contractor has their own construction manager who interacts with laborers and subcontractors and reports back to the general contractor. When a general contractor isn’t utilized, a construction manager often takes on many of the tasks of a contractor. The choice to utilize a construction manager over a general contractor usually comes down to client preference.

Responsibilities Of A Construction Manager

Construction managers spend a majority of their time at the construction site, overseeing progress to ensure the project stays on time and on budget. Specific tasks of a construction manager vary from project to project, but many roles are standard for the position. Depending on the project, our commercial construction managers may take on a variety of duties, including:

  • Coordinate and supervise construction workers and subcontractors
  • Oversee construction from pre-construction to post-construction
  • Review all aspects of the project to schedule delivery of materials, tools and equipment
  • Obtain appropriate permits and licenses
  • Monitor compliance of building codes and safety regulations
  • Review construction progress daily
  • Track inventory of materials, tools and equipment
  • Ensure contractual conditions of performance are met
  • Prevent and resolve problems
  • Monitor construction standards and proper use of construction techniques
  • Prepare reports for the owner detailing project status

Benefits Of Using Construction Managers

Because construction managers are more in tune with the project when they come on board before construction begins, retain a construction manager as soon as possible to fully benefit from their expertise. Our construction managers protect your interests and provide the best solutions throughout the design and build processes. A Kalleward Group construction manager reduces liability for your company through document controls and by substantiating spending through checks and balances. Our construction managers can also attend meetings with city officials or other professionals and report back to you, so you can concentrate on running your business. We take pride in providing regular communication to ensure your needs are being met.

Hire Top Construction Managers In Kalamazoo

At Kalleward Group, commercial construction is our specialty. Using our construction management services ensures you receive an open line of communication between everyone involved in your commercial construction project and you. Our construction managers possess excellent communication skills and have the ability to lead a diverse team of construction professionals involved in every aspect of the process. Contact us at 269-372-7300 to hire a skilled construction manager for your next project today.