Preserving Buildings Of Historical Significance

At Kalleward Group, we listen and learn about your goals on projects, big and small. When your project involves a building of historical significance, we take every step to ensure the preservation of the desired historical elements of the property. We want to know your objectives and concerns and work with you to develop the appropriate plan to reach these objectives. Whether the building is a century old or just a decade, our high-quality services ( and knowledge of classical construction methods ensure the preservation of the building’s structural integrity and historical character.

Why Preserve?

Preservation is environmentally responsible because reusing historically significant buildings is the ultimate recycling program. Rehabilitation also often costs less than new construction, because adapting an existing building to modern requirements and codes typically requires minor modifications. Many old buildings were built with higher-quality materials, including rare hardwoods like heart pine and wood from old-growth forests no longer in existence. Other practical, as well as intangible, benefits of preserving historical buildings, include:

  • Maximizing the use of existing materials and infrastructures
  • Reducing waste
  • Retaining historic character and authenticity
  • Increasing commercial value
  • Accessing materials not readily available or affordable

Preservation Process

Preservation methods include rehabilitation, restoration, reconstruction or a combination of the three. We determine the appropriate preservation methods for a historic property before any work begins. We make sure the proposed function of the property is compatible to minimize destruction of historic elements and ensure the least amount of changes to the original architectural features of the building. We work with you to establish preservation priorities and necessary upgrades to meet current building code. It’s often a fine line to retain historic features and accommodate new technologies and building requirements. Major considerations include:

  • Updating building system to incorporate new equipment and technologies that meet applicable building codes and tenant needs, while retaining original building features.
  • Addressing safety and security needs, which includes integrating improved standards of protection without significantly altering historical features.
  • Providing access for persons with disabilities to ensure ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance, which sometimes conflicts with preservation goals.

Count On Kalleward

The Kalleward Group’s experienced professionals monitor every detail of your project from start to finish to ensure your preservation is completed to your absolute satisfaction. Our unique expertise and technical knowledge in preserving buildings of historical significance make us the go-to contractors throughout southwestern Michigan. Contact us ( at 269-372-7300 to discuss your historical building preservation project today.