a team of contractors looking over blueprints on a deskThe preconstruction phase of your building project is the planning and design phase. Your general contractor or construction manager provides a variety of preconstruction services related to the design, cost, and scheduling as well as administrative tasks to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish. When you bring your project to Kalleward Group in Kalamazoo, MI, the first thing we do is listen. Our expert team works with you during preconstruction to determine how each of your construction needs can be fulfilled while maximizing your return on investment.

Communication Is Key

To ensure everything is effectively and efficiently covered during preconstruction and throughout the construction process, communication is essential. Preconstruction lays the foundation for your entire project, so establishing an open flow of communication with everyone involved helps ensure that avoidable delays and costly errors don’t occur due to miscommunication. We establish a point of contact between you and your construction team to provide a smoother communication process. This contact person is generally your general contractor or construction manager, who prepares a communication plan to ensure all the key players have an effective way to interact with each other.

Project Scope And Objectives

The first step in the preconstruction phase is designing the scope of the project. Shaping the project’s scope from the outset helps ensure budgetary needs are being met. We need to establish what you’re trying to accomplish, when, and for how much. We cover every angle right down to the level of finishes required to meet all your objectives.

Set A Budget

Setting up a realistic budget with a little buffer to handle unexpected expenses is vital in commercial construction and one of the first things you’ll do. Creating an accurate budget requires some research on materials and labor costs, and should include a cost-increase contingency. Once you finalize your budget, make sure your entire team knows how to allocate the funds they need. We keep strict accounting and substantiate every expenditure through checks and balances to keep your project on track.

Set A Schedule

As part of the planning process, we also create a schedule that includes a target date for completion of the various stages and the entire project. It’s important to stick to this schedule to keep your project moving along smoothly. Your schedule will also include a variety of milestones so you can easily determine whether tasks are being completed on time. Should something delay your commercial build, don’t forget to adjust your schedule to get back on track.

Project Details

Once you’ve established a clear scope, budget, and schedule, you and your team proceed with the design plans. Items included are size, layout, building materials, systems, and other essential project details. Finalize your design after you’re sure everything has been discussed and approved. Create a plan to execute each phase of construction, including a precise timeline for completion of each stage.

Order Project Materials

Planning for long-lead-time materials is an important strategy to ensure your project stays on track. During preconstruction, we help you identify any necessary equipment or materials that require early ordering. We also discuss how and where these items will be obtained. It’s critical to monitor the progress of these deliveries to catch any delays quickly. Items that may require long lead times include anything built to spec, unique materials, and specialty items that require extra time to produce. During the ordering phase, we shop around to get the best prices and lock in prices when possible.

Permits And Inspections

Preconstruction is also the time to determine which building permits are required, how long it takes to get them, and how much they cost. We set up a schedule for required inspections at various intervals during construction. We’ll also create our inspection schedule, during which we’ll thoroughly evaluate the construction site or any other special attributes that need to be resolved.

Build With Kalleward

Effective planning during the preconstruction process is essential to progress smoothly through your project. We help you get your project off to a great start with professional preconstruction services that cover every aspect of your build. Kalleward Group is southwest Michigan’s premier contracting company for all types of new construction. Contact us to learn more about our construction process and how we can help you with a successful project. Call us at 269-372-7300 to schedule your project today.

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