Our Strategy

The demand to deliver construction projects on ever-tighter schedules makes it more important than ever to hire a construction expert that does more than build. Our knowledgeable and experienced construction professionals at the Kalleward Group in Kalamazoo, Michigan, bring valuable field experience to the construction process and help you avoid costly mistakes. Our strategy for construction includes getting involved at the initial stages of your project, so we can help you save money on building expenses, materials and labor.

Avoid Unnecessary Charges

Our building professionals help you mitigate unnecessary building expenses and keep your project within budget. We understand the root of the problem, which often stems from issues in project management. Although inclement weather and other forces beyond your control impact your budget, in many cases, unnecessary charges are the result of inaccurate analysis and poor planning. Detailed planning during the preconstruction stage and throughout the commercial construction process allows us to systematically reduce cost overruns. We maximize efficiency and profits by ensuring your budget and schedule are properly set from the beginning of your project and include accurate project estimates.

Beat Material Price Increases

Our construction strategy includes locking in material prices long before construction begins. Construction material prices change often and are constantly on the rise, which can make late or last-minute buys costly. While there’s no way to curb increased prices, we shop around for reasonable rates during the bidding process. Before accepting a bid, we request a locked-in price on materials for the entire duration of the building project. Most bids only lock in prices for 30 days. If the winning bidder isn’t willing to lock in prices throughout the project, we include an escalation factor or search for another provider agreeable to locking in their prices for the duration.

Know The Labor Market

Labor issues on the job site, such as seasonal variations, can play havoc with your construction project. Our construction experts offer the most current data on your workforce to avoid higher labor costs. Many factors include job site productivity and labor costs, including:

  • Skill and experience of your workforce
  • Job size and complexity
  • Availability of labor
  • Contract agreements
  • Local climate
  • Repeated processes or revamping to correct unsatisfactory work
  • Absenteeism due to late starts and sudden terminations or resignations
  • Temporary labor delays due to inclement weather or material shortages
  • Nonworking holidays
  • Time off for union activities
  • Strikes

Identify Long Lead-Time Items

An important part of our commercial construction strategy is implementing a plan to ensure delivery of materials when needed. Lead times are the amount of time it takes to receive items at the construction site after initiating the order. It’s critical to identify and monitor construction materials with long lead times for order and delivery than others. Many lead times are set, which means you can’t request an accelerated time frame for an increased fee. Specialty items, unique materials and items built to spec take extra time.

Besides ordering items with long lead times as early as possible, we also ensure extended lead times fit with your construction schedule. When one item arrives late, we may not be able to install other items until we receive the initial item. If the client insists on a long-lead item, we may need to amend the construction schedule or convince them to choose an alternate product.

Construction Strategy At Kalleward

Kalleward Group is southwest Michigan’s premier construction company for all types of building projects including new and existing structures. You can trust us to accurately predict scheduling so your building is ready when promised. Precise scheduling and planning help us nearly eliminate cost overruns. Our vast construction experience provides us with the strategy we need to smoothly coordinate your project from conception to completion. Contact us at 269-372-7300 to schedule your commercial construction project today.