Commercial Contractors in Kalamazoo and Southwest Michigan

When you hire the Kalleward Group in Kalamazoo for your commercial construction projects, you get an experienced commercial contractor with proven general contractor services that keep businesses coming back for all their future construction needs. We’re Southwest Michigan’s premier choice for new commercial construction and renovations of existing structures. Our licensed construction experts specialize in commercial construction, so you can count on us to keep your project on track and on budget.

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Gilmore Car Museum, Heritage Center

Construction Strategy

When you hire a construction professional that does more than build, you benefit from their expertise from the initial stage of your project and throughout each phase of construction. An experienced construction professional brings valuable field experience to the planning process, which helps you avoid costly mistakes, and that’s good construction strategy. Our construction professionals help you:

  • Avoid unnecessary charges by helping you mitigate unnecessary building expenses and keeping your project within budget
  • Beat material price increases by locking in material prices before construction begins to prevent costly last-minute purchases
  • Identify items with long lead-times, such as mechanical equipment, structural components and electrical gear, to implement a strategy to ensure timely delivery
  • Understand the labor market by providing up-to-the-minute knowledge of the available workforce to avoid higher labor costs and help prevent seasonal variations from playing havoc on your construction project

Our General Contractor Services

The Kalleward Group partners with you to work toward the same goals. We have several general contractor services we can tailor to the specific needs of your commercial project, including:

  • Construction management services protect your interests while providing you with the best design build solutions for your project. We oversee all project costs and find ways to minimize these costs by expertly negotiating contracts, obtaining competitive subcontractor bids, reducing build time, eliminating repeat processes and substantiating spending with insightful checks and balances for spending. Our seamless oversight allows you to concentrate on running your business, but we ensure you’re kept current with the construction schedule through regular communication.
  • General contracting services take construction management further by having our general contractor act as the primary contact with every design and construction professional involved with your project. We take care of hiring qualified subcontractors and handle all the details you don’t have time to tackle. We go above and beyond to ensure we understand your goals and your concerns, so your project achieves success.
  • Design/Build services ensure utmost synergy between the design and build processes, so your project reaches its full potential. Allowing our company to spearhead both sides of the construction process provides you with one point of contact for more efficient and effective communication throughout your project. From pre-construction assessments to post-construction inspections, we ensure nothing is overlooked and you enjoy a smoother transition from conception to completion.
  • Owner’s representative services allow us to oversee the entire life cycle of your commercial construction project as a cohesive extension of your team. Our licensed contractors represent you in key meetings and handle all budgeting and scheduling logistics to save you time and money. Our attention to detail and comprehensive reporting ensure you remain informed and in control of your project without having to directly deal with daily activities.

We can also help you with business development. No matter which of our commercial construction services you use, we guarantee our process will meet or exceed your needs and expectations. We believe open communication is key, so we quickly respond to your needs and concerns to provide the best service possible.

Contact The Construction Professionals At Kalleward

Our clients know they can count on our professionalism and quality services, which is why they keep returning to us. We’ve been instrumental in numerous types of commercial construction projects all over southwest Michigan. We’re confident we can help you successfully see your concept become a reality with our expert guidance throughout every phase of construction. Contact us at (269) 372-7300 to learn more about our general contractor services today.

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