Commercial Contractors in Kalamazoo and Southwest Michigan

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Gilmore Car Museum, Heritage Center

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Hire a Construction Professional that does more than just build.

Construction professional involvement at the beginning stages of the project is the very best strategy. A good Construction professional can bring valuable field experience to the construction planning process helping the owner avoid costly mistakes. For example, a good Construction professional will help you:

  • Avoid Unnecessary Charges. Hire a building professional that will help you mitigate unnecessary building expenses and keep your project within budget.
  • Beat material price increases. A good construction plan locks in material prices well in advance of construction. Late or last-minute buys can be costly.
  • Know the labor market. Strikes and seasonal variations can play havoc with any construction project. A Construction professional with up-to-the-minute knowledge of the available workforce can help the owner avoid higher labor costs.
  • Identify long lead-time items such as structural components, mechanical equipment and electrical gear and implement a strategy to assure delivery when needed.

Small variations in quality can add up to big problems immediately or maybe years from now. At Kalleward Group, every building is treated as though it is a piece of fine furniture with fit and finish standards that are the highest in the industry. We pay equal attention to all the details-not simply the design details, but also the management details which make projects run smoothly.

Renovation is a Kalleward Group specialty. Our project professionals have the experience to accurately anticipate the timing and costs of a renovation and the confidence to know which methods and materials will work best. Whether a century or a decade old, Kalleward Group’s knowledge of classical construction methods will ensure the preservation of the building’s structural integrity and character.

Everyone says we’re so predictable. And we consider it a compliment, because accurate and predictable scheduling means that your building will be ready when promised. There are other benefits as well – our subcontractors appreciate our strict schedules because they know we’ll be prepared for their services as planned. And best of all, precise scheduling means that cost overruns are practically eliminated.