Founded in 1900, Armstrong International creates system solutions for steam, air, and hot water applications for customers in over 100 countries. To enhance the training of their employees, Armstrong sought to transform a 1942 World War II factory building into a new on-campus Learning Center. Design for the new Learning Center maintained the building’s historical character while furnishing it with modern training amenities. The original exposed trusses and brick of the dormant factory were strengthened and refurbished, and the walls were adorned with historical photos of workers and past events. A state-of-the-art classroom was outfitted with modern steam technology, with fully functioning systems placed on false walls. These amenities were built for flexibility, so the systems can be easily changed out when product lines are updated. At the head of the classroom, a lecturer stand and computer allow teachers to easily modify the settings of the systems throughout the room. The Learning Center also features a hands-on learning lab with stations at which students can build, deconstruct, and study the Armstrong product line. Monitors and HVAC systems were installed above each station. In the middle of the Learning Center, an expansive lounge provides space for small group meetings and gatherings. Kalleward Group completed the project on a tight deadline which allowed Armstrong to host an international tech conference.

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