Commercial Construction Portfolio In Kalamazoo And Southwest Michigan

Kalleward Group in Kalamazoo, Michigan, is Southwest Michigan’s premier commercial construction company. We’re a leading choice for new builds for a wide variety of commercial properties and remodels of existing structures. Our licensed construction experts oversee your entire construction project, from initial conception to completion. We do more than just build your desired structure or remodel an undesirable property. With our a high standard of excellence throughout the building process, we believe in going above and beyond your expectations and fulfilling all your company’s needs and growth strategies. We make sure all the crucial details are handled and the lines of communication are kept open for a build that stays on track.

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Our Commercial Construction Portfolio

Our body of work throughout Southwest Michigan includes commercial projects of all types, including commercial, industrial, educational, religious and cultural buildings. We walk you through large new build projects from securing permits to hiring talented and trustworthy subcontractors to get the job done and oversee your remodels to keep them from snowballing out of control. From small jobs to large projects, our services include:

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