General Contracting Services For Commercial Remodels In Kalamazoo, MI

Many of our clients only think of our general contracting services for large new builds, but the Kalleward Group in Kalamazoo, Michigan, also provides expert general contracting services that keep your commercial remodeling projects on track and on budget. Remodels are often more difficult, because you’re forced to utilize an existing layout and it can quickly get out of control without the supervision of a licensed professional. We take the stress out of your remodel by taking every step of your commercial remodel seriously, from securing permits to hiring quality subcontractors with the skills to complete a top-notch job.

two general contractors reviewing plans during remodel

Why Remodel?

If your building is showing signs of age or no longer fits your current needs, our general contractor services cover all types of remodels and renovations. Remodeling your existing commercial property is often a more cost-effective option that can be completed in less time compared to constructing a new building. If you’ve outgrown your current space, an expansion added to your remodeling plan is a viable alternative. Renovating your existing property also allows you to stay in your current location, which can be especially important for businesses that have been in the same place for numerous years.

Why Choose Us?

Our team of dedicated professionals has the experience and skill to optimize your current space and tailor it to meet your specific needs. Whether your business requires some simple updates or a total renovation, we expertly supervise small and large remodels and expansions. We understand the complex and challenging requirements of extensive commercial remodels and streamline your project to ensure all your needs are met.

Our Approach To Commercial Remodeling

During commercial remodeling, our staff will take charge of all aspects of your project and improve your damaged and/or outdated spaces according to your goals. There are multiple things to consider before beginning your remodel, including the existing size, layout and infrastructure of your building. We also take into account your budget, scheduling requirements and specific business needs. We plan and implement all phases of your remodeling project, including:

  • Working with you to overcome difficulties with your existing floor plan
  • Reviewing design plans to ensure they meet your approval
  • Estimating costs of permits, materials, equipment and personnel
  • Preparing a budget and timetable to ensure your project meets specified objectives
  • Obtaining necessary permits
  • Hiring and organizing required subcontractors
  • Obtaining required materials and equipment
  • Expediting supply orders
  • Ensuring inclement weather, undelivered goods or personnel issues don’t delay progress
  • Scheduling inspections
  • Complying with building codes and local building ordinances

You can count on us to regularly communicate with you about the progress of your project. If something causes a delay, we seek the best tactics to get your project back on track while staying within the established budget. You can trust our commercial contracting services to supply everything necessary to get your remodeling project finished from conception to completion.

Remodel Your Building With Kalleward

The Kalleward Group is southwest Michigan’s premier general contracting company for all types of commercial construction demands. We guarantee our commercial remodeling process will exceed your expectations when it comes to communication, swiftly responding to your needs and providing the best possible service. Our standards of excellence have consistently made us the top choice for new builds and remodels of existing structures for a wide array of businesses. Contact us at (269) 372-7300 to discuss your next commercial build or current remodeling needs today.


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