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What To Cover During Preconstruction

The preconstruction phase of your building project is the planning and design phase. Your general contractor or construction manager provides a variety of preconstruction services related to the design, cost, and scheduling as well as administrative tasks to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish. When you bring your project to Kalleward Group

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Post-Construction Building Phase

You might think your construction project is over once the ribbon is cut and the building is complete, but did you know there’s another phase called post-construction? Find out everything you need to know about the post-construction building phase for your commercial project. What Is The Post-Construction Phase? This phase of the commercial construction process

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Design-Build Construction Services Vs. Traditional Construction

Commercial construction is hardly a new industry, but there are recent innovations changing how our grandest, most high-functioning buildings come to be. Meet design-build construction services, Kalleward Group’s streamlined approach to consolidating your dream build from start to finish. The Problem With The Traditional Approach To Construction Historically, building construction has been chopped up into segments,

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Effectively Communicating With Your Design-Build Contractor

Kalleward Group begins building projects meetings as the design/build contractor with the client to determine the scope of the project. When you’re the client, this helps ensure you end up with the type of structure you want. Details like the type of building you need, your desired timeline for completing the project and your budgetary

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Every commercial construction project is unique, but they all involve a multitude of tasks during each phase of construction. Juggling these tasks and keeping all the parts moving effectively requires good planning and open communication — two keys to a smooth building process. To ensure overall success, it’s critical the entire building process is managed

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Kalamazoo, Michigan, Construction Management

Cost overruns and schedule delays on construction jobs come from unnecessarily repeated processes that occur throughout the build. At Kalleward Group, we have experience with building designs of all sizes, and our construction management process includes planning well ahead of each phase. That way, when materials don’t arrive or a section of the build is

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