Every commercial construction project is unique, but they all involve a multitude of tasks during each phase of construction. Juggling these tasks and keeping all the parts moving effectively requires good planning and open communication — two keys to a smooth building process. To ensure overall success, it’s critical the entire building process is managed smoothly to avoid costly mistakes, construction delays and safety issues.

Create A Flow Of Communication

hands pointing at planning paperworkCommunication is essential throughout every of phase of a commercial construction project, so it’s important to establish an open flow of communication with everyone involved from the beginning. Miscommunication can cause costly errors and avoidable delays. Having a point of contact between you and the construction team makes the communication process easier. Working with a general contractor or construction manager gives you the single contact point you need to make the everything run more smoothly. Communication is one of our biggest assets at the Kalleward Group. We work with you to address any concerns you might have about the building process and ensure you realize your goals.

Never Stop Planning

Planning starts long before construction actually begins, and it shouldn’t stop once construction starts. Like communication, planning should be an ongoing part of the building process to ensure everything runs smoothly. Extensive planning is required during the design, preconstruction and procurement stages. As each stage proceeds, revisions of previous plans might be required. Anything can happen during construction, and while you can plan for many contingencies, it’s crucial that planning be fluid for quicker adaptability to any problems that arise. Our experienced construction professionals at Kalleward understand how to prevent planning adjustments from negatively affecting the overall plan and construction timeline.

Budget Smartly

Setting a realistic budget is vital in the commercial construction process. Failing to plan for unexpected costs can cause a major budgeting wrinkle. Ensure a smoother building process by creating a budget that includes a cost-increase contingency, and finalize your budget so everyone involved in the build understands where to allocate available funds. We seek the best tactics to keep your project on track while staying within the established budget. We keep strict accounting on project costs and substantiate spending with checks and balances to prevent running out of funds before the construction project is complete.

Schedule Successfully

Creating a schedule goes hand-in-hand with planning and should include a target date for completion of the project. Sticking to this schedule keeps the building process moving smoothly. Ensure scheduling success by determining key milestones and assigning a completion date for each of these tasks. Update the overall schedule as each goal is met and make adjustments to the schedule as needed. Delays in your timeline can create a ripple effect, but we work hard to minimize setbacks and get things back on track.

Hire Experienced Construction Professionals

The biggest key to a smooth building process is hiring construction professionals with the skills and experience to ensure success. This includes a general contractor who handles key relationships and construction processes to keep building quality high and costs under control. We also provide design-build commercial construction services that consolidate both sides of the construction process to make the entire process even smoother. Bringing the design and build processes together ensures better communication, planning, budgeting and scheduling, which are the key ingredients for worry-free completion of all your commercial construction projects.

The Kalleward Group is southwest Michigan’s premier general contracting company for all types of new commercial construction and remodels of existing structures. Our vast commercial construction experience ensures a smooth building process from concept to completion. Contact us at 269-372-7300 to schedule your project today.

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