The Design-Build Process in Kalamazoo and Southwest Michigan

Design Process - Kalamazoo, MI - Kalleward Group

At the Kalleward Group, we pride ourselves on being different. That’s why we provide Design-Build commercial construction services, ensuring maximum synergy between the two sides of the construction process to allow the project to achieve its full potential.

What is Design-Build?

Design-Build is a method of construction that consolidates the design and construction processes under the jurisdiction of a single company. This allows the owner to have only one point of contact with the company, ensuring that communication remains as efficient and clear as possible. At the Kalleward Group, when we undertake a project, we assume responsibility for both processes from start to finish, beginning with the original drafting of the design and continuing through post-construction. We also manage all contracts with subcontractors and material suppliers.

The Design-Build Process

The Kalleward Group has experience with building design projects small and large. When you come to us, the first thing we do is listen. This is the pre-construction phase when we determine what the project needs, and how it can be done. Our expert team will provide a needs assessment in order to determine the best design to maximize your return on investment.

Once we have a clear picture of your needs and the purpose of the project, the design phase begins. Our experienced team of architects creates a plan. They work with the owner to ensure that our work fulfills the vision.

When the design is complete, construction begins. The Kalleward Group has a number of trusted, proven subcontractors that we have worked with for many years that we trust to fulfill our architect’s design.

The final step occurs when our team hands off the project to the owner in the post-construction phase. The importance of this phase should not be overlooked, as it’s essential for a smooth transition between our subcontractors and the owner’s facility managers.

What Are the Advantages of Design-Build?

The Design-Build method has many advantages over traditional construction. It allows for a shorter period from conception to completion due to the synergy and closeness of the design and construction teams. It also reduces communication problems and general logistical headaches.

We hope you’ll choose to work with the Kalleward Group. Feel free to contact our expert customer service staff with any questions you may have.