Construction Management

As one of the most popular project delivery methods, construction management is used widely across all industries and many types of projects. Kalleward Group has extensive experience serving as Construction Manager and this is the method used to deliver most of our projects.

It is truly a collaborative process as our construction expertise is joined with the design expertise of the architect to help make the owner’s vision for the project a reality.

With the CM project delivery method, Kalleward Group provides preconstruction services to help achieve the project’s quality, cost, and time objectives. Working alongside the owner and the architect, our project team delivers services in a practical, direct, transparent manner to promote timely, informed decision-making resulting in value for our clients. Teamwork, the cornerstone of our overall CM approach is essential for completing a successful, quality project – on time and under budget.

We are builders as well as managers. We know how to construct quality buildings and the CM project delivery method allows us to use our extensive building knowledge throughout the preconstruction and construction phrases of your project.

The Benefits of a Construction Manager

The sooner you retain a construction management professional for your commercial project, the better. Our professionals will protect your interests while providing the best design and build solution for your commercial project. With a seamless oversight, overall project costs are reduced through contract negotiation, competitive subcontractor bidding, build time reduction, and the elimination of repeat processes.

Our construction managers can attend meetings with city regulators and other professionals, allowing you to stay in tune with your business. Regular communication, however, will ensure that your needs are being met and that a complete construction schedule is understood.

Liability for your company is also reduced through the services of a Kalleward Group construction manager. Through document controls and valuable contract negotiation expertise, invoices can be substantiated with checks and balances for spending. Additionally, proper insurance control will be maintained to keep your work site covered throughout every step of the project.

Hiring the Best

Our past experience within Southwest Michigan speaks for itself. Clients know they are secure in the professionalism and quality that Kalleward Group embodies. From the pre-construction phase to ongoing quality control and completion sign-offs, our staff will be present and involved.

Call today to learn more about hiring a construction management professional from Kalleward Group. Our fees are recouped in the savings realized by having a qualified professional on your side. Additionally, time savings and quality construction will be guaranteed without the need of oversight on your part.

Stick with the business you know and hire a professional to manage your corporate construction project. You’ll be glad you did.