architectural toolsKalleward Group begins building projects meetings as the design/build contractor with the client to determine the scope of the project. When you’re the client, this helps ensure you end up with the type of structure you want.

Details like the type of building you need, your desired timeline for completing the project and your budgetary plans are all vital considerations. In addition to the initial planning session, our professionals deliver ongoing support throughout the duration of your building project.

Explain Your Needs To Your Design-Build Contractor

The team at Kalleward Group understands that discussing your goals and needs with an experienced contractor is the best place for you to begin your building project. Discussing your project with a specialist helps you make realistic plans and goals. Plus, it ensures our team knows exactly what you want.

The communication doesn’t end with the initial consultation. Active communication helps to ensure you get top-quality design features that you may not have considered at the onset of the building project. Keeping the lines of communication open during the build helps make sure the project stays on track and mistakes don’t happen due to miscommunications.

The Design-Build Process

The design-build process is a unique concept in construction because it gives one company control over the entire construction process. Its main advantage is that you, as the client, gain a single point of contact who listens to you throughout the process.

Kalleward Group specializes in this type of building process, and our experts are with you as you move from the concept stage through the building phase. We’re also here to support you when the project is complete. We don’t just provide you with a building; we also provide you with a smooth transition through each phase of the building process.

New Construction Projects

A design-build contractor meets with you to determine the scope of your building project when you’re starting a new project. As experienced professionals in the construction industry, our pros know what to ask to help turn your ideas into a physical structure.

Plan to discuss a lot of details in order to help the contractor understand what you want. Things like the size of the structure and its intended purpose are important early details for the contractor to consider during the planning stage and throughout the project.

Planning Your Timeline For Completion

Time is money in business, and we understand that meeting assigned deadlines is an important part of the construction process. Your contact person at Kalleward Group will discuss your desired timeline with you at the initial consultation. Once we’ve established a timeline, our service includes bringing in our team and subcontractors to get the work done on time.

Owner’s Representation Services

Kalleward Group provides owner’s representation services to keep your project on track in terms of both cost and construction time. We serve as the main point of contact with subcontractors and designers, and the expert managing your project understands your goals for the project.

So, when there’s an important meeting, someone who is clear on the next phase of the project is there and you don’t have to rearrange your day to attend.

Contact Kalleward Group Today

As a family-owned general contracting and construction management company, Kalleward Group focuses on delivering excellent customer service along with innovative designs. Visit our offices at 3548 Gembrit Circle in Kalamazoo or call us today at (269) 372-7300 to discuss your large or small building plans with a member of our team of professional builders.

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