Commercial construction is hardly a new industry, but there are recent innovations changing how our grandest, most high-functioning buildings come to be. Meet design-build construction services, Kalleward Group’s streamlined approach to consolidating your dream build from start to finish.

The Problem With The Traditional Approach To Construction

2 contractors with construction site in backgroundHistorically, building construction has been chopped up into segments, with each part managed by a separate entity. A project often includes an architect, a designer and a contractor, and there may be other middlemen involved as well. As a result, you’re left juggling multiple contacts, trying to facilitate scheduling and, in some circumstances, saddled with the task of figuring out who is supposed to be doing what and why things are taking so darned long.

While this approach may be common, it’s frequently inefficient, draining your resources as projects drag on well past their deadline and well over budget. The solution may lie in design-build.

What Is Design-Build?

The traditional multi-contractor approach to construction is design-bid-build, but design-build centralizes the entire project to-do list under one entity. That means one person (or company, more likely) is responsible for your build in its entirety. Whether you have a question about design, a concern about permits or want more details about the steps of construction, there’s only one phone number to call.

The Advantages Of Design-Build

Imagine you want to make a change to your building blueprint once the project is already underway. With traditional construction, you have to call the architect and ask for another take on the design, see if the construction team can get the materials, go back to the architect with proposed changes, ask the project manager if you need new permits — the entire exchange can be quite frustrating.

Remember that sole point of contact mentioned earlier? With design-build, that person is the top of the totem pole. It’s their job to manage every aspect of the project, including communicating changes to subcontractors and suppliers. They’ll coordinate adjustments and navigate issues as they arise. It saves you potentially dozens of calls and emails, not to mention your sanity.

Because design-build eliminates that entirely unnecessary game of telephone tag, it often leads to a shorter completion time and far fewer logistical headaches. In short, design-build is a win-win for all involved.

Kalleward’s Design-Build Construction Services

First, know that design-build construction works for small projects as well as huge ones. You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company establishing a new brick-and-mortar headquarters to reap the benefits of design-build, but you certainly could (and probably should).

Every project starts with preconstruction strategy sessions. We’ll sit with you, determine your needs, frame out the project and figure out how to meet your goals while also getting the most out of your budget. Next comes design. This is when our architects get to work their magic, coming up with a plan that combines your ideas, the reality of the space and all intended functionality.

Finally, construction begins. Subcontractors ranging from plumbers to electricians to stoneworkers to glaziers all do their part to bring the design to life. This is when your 2-D blueprint turns into a 3-D work of art.

The very last step is probably your favorite part, because it’s when the owner gets to pore over their building and soak in every detail. Construction is done, but the job isn’t over until you’re satisfied and the contractual elements are present and as close to perfect as possible. After all, this is your business, and you deserve to have your expectations not just met but, ideally, exceeded.

How To Experience The Benefits Of Design-Build

If you’re frustrated with traditional construction, it’s time to embrace a new, easier, more fulfilling approach to project design and execution. The Kalleward Group would love to be your guide. To kick off your next project, contact us and make your first appointment.

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