people looking at plansCost overruns and schedule delays on construction jobs come from unnecessarily repeated processes that occur throughout the build. At Kalleward Group, we have experience with building designs of all sizes, and our construction management process includes planning well ahead of each phase. That way, when materials don’t arrive or a section of the build is delayed, the crew can work in another area without duplicating efforts or incurring downtime.

Repeated Processes

Repeated processes occur because of poor planning or poor execution, but the two are typically linked. At Kalleward Group, our construction managers take the time to plan and design the project. These stages are crucial to avoid the following scenarios and their repercussions.

Failing To Plan Effectively

Without proper planning, floor plans and architectural features may need to be changed. This often means that work has to be redone, impacting the timeline and costs. During the preconstruction phase, a Kalleward construction manager meets with the client face to face. Our expert team documents the needs of the business to determine the best design to maximize your investment. Then, the design phase begins with our experienced architects drawing up the plans. There’s still a lot of flexibility to discuss the new space with clients to ensure the building is both functionally and aesthetically suitable. Having a detailed road map gives the general contractor the information they need to order materials and hire workers for each phase. This minimizes the number of redesigns and costly rebuilds that throw off poorly managed construction projects.

Failing To Budget Properly

Obtaining funding for new builds or upgrades to commercial buildings can be tricky. Lenders often tie draws to certain milestones. If you underestimate the cost of labor and materials, funds can dry up at a critical stage, putting the entire project in jeopardy. It can also create scenarios where portions of the project may need to be rebuilt due to miscalculations or poor decision-making, such as:

  • Using the wrong equipment
  • Failing to hire and train the right people
  • Ordering the wrong supplies

Constant communication and coordination can save your project from the pitfalls above. Kalleward Group construction managers stay in touch with the client, the foreman and the workers to ensure everyone is working from the latest set of plans. This creates checks and balances so that materials and equipment orders are accurate.

Avoiding Repeated Processes

Nobody wants the headache of implementing brand new plans, tearing down poorly executed construction or paying for material that has been improperly ordered. By partnering with Kalleward, you can improve your chances of completing the project on time, on budget and built to client specifications.

The Construction Management Process

A construction manager assigns roles and responsibilities and coordinates labor and materials to keep the process moving. A great construction manager can effectively manage detailed project plans to reduce the number of delays — and aggressively remove roadblocks that jeopardize the project. The Kalleward Group has a number of reliable subcontractors to ensure there’s always someone available to complete the job. Most of our subcontractors have partnered with the Kalleward Group for many years and understand how to properly execute our architect’s designs. Having trusted partners allows us to complete projects with a laser focus on pleasing the client and delivering a space that fulfills its intended purposes. This close relationship prevents misunderstandings and mistakes that have to be redone.

Contact Us

At the Kalleward Group, we have several services that we can tailor to your particular commercial project’s needs, including general contraction, construction management and business development. Call the Kalleward Group at (269) 372-7300 to discuss your next build.

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